How To Develop Great Ideas

Carla helps organizations that are constrained by old-school approaches when taking on new world problems. Often these companies struggle with unpredictability, frustrating inefficiencies, and a shortfall of results. They might point fingers and say they have the wrong people, the wrong strategy, or the wrong product. But in reality, it’s outdated methods.

As the world’s leading Innovation Architect and CEO of RE:Think Labs, Carla helps organizations design and build the right mindset to accelerate innovation, engagement, and growth. Having written 10 books and studied both innovation and architecture for the last 20 years, she’s developed specific frameworks to help leaders remodel their approaches in order to boost speed, reduce risk, and enjoy more predictable outcomes.

After collaborating with Carla and her team, her clients experience moderinzed cultures that help them rise to the challenges of the day. Leaders and employees feel equipped and confident to innovate better outcomes, faster. This streamlined and creative approach leads to greater engagement, expanded competitive advantages, and sustainable shareholder value.

This week on EntreArchitect Podcast, How to Develop Great Ideas with Carla Johnson.

Learn more about Carla at or RE:Think Labs, and connect with her on LinkedInTwitter and Instagram.

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RE:Think Innovation – The book that teaches you the 5-step framework to connect the dots, come up with the ideas and find the opportunities in any market, for any business and under any condition.

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