Reimagining the
AEC Narrative

At Gābl Media, we’re more than a media production company or digital platform; we are moving the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries forward through the power of storytelling. Founded in January 2020 by visionary architects Mark R. LePage and Dimitrius Lynch, our mission is twofold: to empower AEC professionals to share their invaluable knowledge and to revolutionize how the world perceives and understands the value of the AEC industries.

Welcome to the future of AEC storytelling with Gābl Media.

Our Genesis: 

EntreArchitect's Mark R. LePage, a steadfast advocate for empowering architects with the business acumen necessary to pursue their passions to the fullest, teamed up with Dimitrius Lynch, the creator of SPACES podcast, behind a shared conviction: the undervalued and often misunderstood role of AEC professions needed a new narrative. They set out to spotlight the pivotal role of AEC professionals in sculpting our world, dispelling myths, and enlightening the public about the industry's true value.

A Global Stage for Digital Discourse:

Gābl Media quickly rose to prominence as the premier destination for rich, multidimensional content – audio, text, and video alike – that both informs and captivates. Our platform serves as a nexus for knowledge-seekers and visionaries, challenging preconceptions and fostering a global community united by a commitment to building a better world.

Beyond Entertainment:

Gābl Media transcends traditional content creation with an innovative membership program and a pioneering continuing education initiative. We're redefining professional growth, making it more accessible and engaging than ever before. 

Through AIA-approved podcast content, we offer a unique blend of education and entertainment, streamlining the path to professional development.

A Movement, Not Just a Platform:

Gābl Media has ignited a movement, rallying both AEC professionals and the broader public to embrace the transformative potential of architecture and construction. We're building a dynamic community eager to drive innovation and inspire excellence. With over 3 million downloads and more than 200,000 unique listeners in over 100 countries, our impact speaks volumes.

Meet the Team


Mark R. LePage

Mark R. LePage, an entrepreneur architect in the Charlotte Metro area, embodies the spirit of innovation in architecture. As the dynamic force behind Gābl Media Group, Inc., he co-founded the company with a mission to empower architects and other AEC professionals globally, serving as its Chief Executive Officer since January 2020. Mark's visionary zeal also shines through EntreArchitect (Gābl Technologies, Inc.), where since February 2007, he has been inspiring small firm architects to blend traditional practice with modern entrepreneurship, from writing and podcasting to creating retail ventures. His leadership at McCarthy LePage Architects, PLLC, demonstrates his commitment to pushing the boundaries of residential architecture, advocating for good design, and championing happy healthy architecture for all American families. Mark's journey from a summer internship with a New Jersey-based small firm to a leading voice in the architectural community showcases his dedication to using problem-solving skills to impact civilization positively while achieving business success.

Dimitrius Lynch

Dimitrius Lynch, an architect from southern California, is a visionary co-founder and creative force behind Gābl Media and Principal at LYNES, an architecture and creative studio renowned for its residential and specialty retail projects. With over 16 years of experience, Dimitrius blends his architectural expertise, certified by NCARB and accredited by LEED and WELL, with a fervent passion for education and entertainment. At Gābl Media, he wears the hat of Chief Creative Officer, steering the production and distribution of enlightening audio, written, and video content aimed at a global audience eager to build a better world. He's also the mind behind SPACES, a podcast that explores the evolution of design and construction of our everyday spaces, enriching public appreciation for the built environment through engaging storytelling and insightful interviews. Dimitrius' journey from managing client relationships and project teams at KTGY Group to conceptualizing and hosting a podcast that captivates building users and professionals alike underscores his unique blend of creativity, leadership, and dedication to making a difference.

Management Team

Alayna Messer

As Head of Podcasts, Alayna Messer is the strategic mastermind behind our podcast team. Following a decade-long leadership role over a syndicated media empire, Alayna has pivoted her talents to turn the spotlight on the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. With a proven track record at prestigious companies like iHeartMedia and Premiere Networks, Alayna has seamlessly blended the art of audience engagement with high-impact marketing campaigns, fostering unparalleled client, artist, and sponsor relations along the way. Her hands-on experience in operations and management is marked by a keen eye for detail and a knack for employing cutting-edge technology to enhance productivity and cut costs, proving her to be a highly organized and efficient leader. Alayna's exceptional ability to navigate the digital landscape, from SEO optimization to creating compelling content across multiple platforms, has solidified her reputation as a creative visionary in digital and editorial strategy. As an award-winning producer with an impressive portfolio that includes launching the #1 On-Demand podcast and garnering national recognition with two 'Academy of Country Music' Awards, Alayna Messer is ready to elevate any project with her strategic foresight and creative prowess.

Randy Wilburn

Randy Wilburn, a trailblazer in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) media landscape, is the Director of Business Development at Gābl Media. With a rich history of transforming business storytelling through podcasting at Zweig Group and Encourage Build Grow, Randy brings to Gābl Media his unique blend of strategic vision and narrative prowess, poised to revolutionize how stories are told and experienced in the AEC sector. His illustrious career, spanning nearly three decades, has seen him train over 10,000 AEC professionals and produce more than 1,500 podcast episodes, underscoring his unparalleled ability to foster change and cultivate community. At the intersection of Business, Culture, Entrepreneurship, and Life in the Ozarks, Randy's "I am Northwest Arkansas Podcast" showcases his commitment to enhancing local narratives and driving economic growth, further highlighted by his initiative, A Howard University alumnus, Randy's passion for community service and storytelling extends beyond his professional achievements, enriching the lives of his family and the broader Northwest Arkansas community.

Operations Team

Dawn Porta

Dawn Porta stands at the helm of operations with an impressive track record that spans various roles and industries. As a member of the founding team at Gābl Media, her efficiency and strategic foresight have showcased her unparalleled ability to streamline processes and enhance productivity within the dynamic world of media and technology. Her tenure at JCJ Development and iSmile further underscores her organizational skills and attention to detail which has been critical in supporting executive teams and managing complex schedules. Beyond her professional endeavors, Dawn's heart for community shines through over a decade of volunteer work, from coordinating teams at Marvin Ridge Men's Lacrosse to contributing to local charities, demonstrating her commitment to making a tangible difference in people's lives. With a foundation in financial management as a former Controller at Ferguson Enterprises and an academic background from Florida State University, Dawn's multifaceted expertise and leadership continue to propel her forward.

Sarah Rowe

Sarah Rowe is the quintessential linchpin for operations and production in fast-paced environments, weaving her exceptional communication and organizational skills into the fabric of every project she touches. As Production Coordinator at Gābl Media, Sarah showcases her prowess in media production, from podcast editing and content creation to project management and client relations. As a versatile "wearer of many hats," Sarah is adept at scheduling, event planning, and client onboarding with a knack for quickly mastering new skills. Her unique ability to bring order and efficiency to complex operations, coupled with her passion for fostering success, makes her an invaluable asset to any team. Sarah's diverse experiences underscore her adaptable, proactive approach to achieving excellence.

Production Team

Erik Monical

Erik Monical is a dynamic force in the radio broadcasting and podcasting world, blending 12 years of award-winning experience with a razor-sharp wit honed on the stand-up comedy circuit. As the Senior Producer at Mouth Media Network in New York, Erik has revolutionized podcasting by developing captivating concepts, achieving an impressive 100% client retention rate, and spearheading the production of enthralling shows with meticulous sound design. Previously, he laid the groundwork for his illustrious career at Salem Communications and Emmis Communications, where he was not only a wizard behind the soundboard but also an engaging on-air talent, capturing audiences with his insightful humor and expert music curation. With multiple accolades including Best Radio Show and Best Produced Commercial by the National Association of Broadcasters, Erik's diverse talents make him a standout voice in the ever-evolving media landscape.

Jeff Alvarez

Meet Jeff Alvarez, a master of sonic storytelling and a wizard behind the mixing console. With over a decade of experience in the audio engineering realm, Jeff co-founded 'The Explorist' podcast, has lent his audio expertise to a wide array of projects, from 'Roadside Terroir' to Crosscut’s Emmy-nominated documentary, 'The Rising,' and worked with a diverse clientele that includes NPR, Scientific American, and Grist. His skill set isn't just confined to editing and mixing; as a seasoned percussionist with over 20 years of experience and participation in over a dozen records, Jeff brings a unique musicality to every project. Whether he's enhancing the narrative of urban planning and social justice podcasts or finessing the sound quality of interviews from the most remote locations, Jeff's blend of technical prowess and creative insight ensures that your project will not just be heard, but felt. From the heart of Seattle, Jeff Alvarez stands ready to elevate your audio project with professional studio quality and a personal touch that resonates.

Geoff Smith

Geoff Smith isn't just an audio engineer; he's a prolific music producer, performer and the maestro behind the memorable melodies that have become synonymous with some of the biggest podcasts and media productions out there. With his sonic signature stamped on everything from iJustine's "Ask iJ'' to the tech-savvy discussions on "This Week in Tech" with Leo Laporte, Geoff's range proves as vast as his journey from the stages of Crazy Pianos in Rotterdam to the heart of Nashville's music scene. His ability to craft catchy pop jingles has not only scored spots for giants like GoDaddy and Honda but also clinched him the Big Gig Jingle contest for The Nashville MTA in 2008. Geoff's DIY ethos, handling everything from writing to recording in his studio, has made his sound design and original scores a sought-after asset for TV shows like "The Voice'' and "American Pickers". From creating the theme song for Adam Curry's biodiesel-fueled car, Trinity, Geoff has evolved into the podcast world's favorite music guy, showcasing an unparalleled talent for turning podcast production into an art form.

Mark Lamorgese

From New York City, meet Mark Lamorgese, an audio engineering virtuoso with a flair for transforming soundscapes across post-production sound, music, and podcasting. With a seasoned career spanning over 15 years, Mark has crafted compelling auditory experiences for giants like iHeartRadio, PC Magazine, and even shaped the soundtracks of television on NBC, CBS, and HBO, not to mention mastering tracks for luminaries signed to Columbia Records, Sony Music, and Virgin. A savant in both the modernity of Pro Tools and Audition and the tactile world of analog equipment, his true instruments are his ears, finely tuned to perfect your project's aural aspect. Whether your needs lie in the meticulous art of audio editing and noise removal or the expansive realm of mixing and mastering, Mark is the behind-the-scenes magic maker ready to elevate your recordings.

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