14937885_sI am, like so many of you I am a dreamer. Every day of my life, since I was a small child, I have lived much of my waking life and in fact, many of my sleeping hours as well, dreaming about my future. What life will be like when I finally reach that pinnacle of success. I have always had the ability to create a very lucid vision for my tomorrow.

I can certainly credit much of my success and many of my accomplishments, as minor as they may be, to this gift of vision. I have always set goals and have always worked to reach them. I have not always landed where I expected this entire thing called “Entrepreneur Architect” is a testament to that, but I have certainly progressed in my life because I have looked toward the future and dreamed.

But there is also a downside for us dreamers.

We can be easily distracted by the new and exciting. I am sure so many of us listening were told as child that we needed to stop day dreaming and focus on what's important. Even today as adults, we may continue to chase the newest, grandest, shiniest object, abandoning the last big idea for the next sure thing. Resulting in never really accomplishing anything.

This week on the Entrepreneur Architect Podcast, I will share my 5 ways to focus your gift for vision and maybe even inspire you to let your dreams take you to a life of success and happiness.

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