logo-2Residential architecture is very different than any other building type. The scale is different. The materials are different. The details are different… and our clients well, they are very different.

The life of a residential architect is very challenging. The psychology involved in a successful residential architecture project is something that can only be learned after many years in practice. The process, from acquiring the project, discovering what our clients really want, through designing, developing and ultimately working with residential contractors to bring our clients dreams to reality is much like giving birth, raising a child, watching her become an adult and letting her go out into the world on her own. It's not easy… and every project is like another child, with all the joys and pain of parenthood.

The money we make compared to many of our “commercially-focused” brothers and sisters is often very different. We are launching small businesses with little knowledge of how to succeed and little support from those who do. Only after years of trial, error, successes and failures, do we finally learn how to keep food on the table for our families.

Well, there's a growing group of residential architects who understand your pain and want to do something about it.

This week on the Entrepreneur Architect Podcast, I'm chatting with Rand Soellner a founding member of ArCH, also known as Architects Creating Homes, the only American organization of licensed architects focusing exclusively on residential architecture.

As a residential architect myself, I found this conversation very interesting and I think you'll enjoy it too.

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