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Our Genetic Legacy w/ Shellie Baxter

This episode features a conversation with visionary Shellie Baxter, a genetic genealogist and Founder of Our Genetic Legacy (OGL). OGL is a non-profit that is undertaking a number of projects across a number of professions.

We cover a range of topics. From exploring your DNA to discovering your personal history, to architecture design contests, and training the next generation of drone pilots in LIDAR technology – Shellie talks through how all these items work together.


Background: Shellie Baxter is a Social Impact Scientist who is taking space in the Metaverse to preserve BIPOC history using genetics and drones.  She started Our Genetic Legacy in 2018 in response to her frustration with the lack of recognition and the disenfranchisement of BIPOC Americans in American history. Correcting the systemic erasure of BIPOCs and memorializing their lives for future generations is her passion and focus. Seeing the impact of her genealogical work in the lives of her family inspires her to teach and share her research methodology that she calls Legacy Tracing™. Ms. Baxter’s own family legacy story, knowing the struggles her ancestors overcame for her to even exist, ignites her passion to help others find their legacy story.

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