Waterfront Architecture is Dena Prastos, AIA niche design market. With degrees in civil engineering and architecture from Harvard Business School, Dena brings a diverse background as the Founder and CEO of Indigo River. Waterfront architect, civil engineer, futurist, climate adaptation expert, entrepreneur, and creative original, Dena is driven to transform the built world at the water’s edge.

Indigo River brings a transdisciplinary approach to waterfront architecture, resiliency, and climate adaptation and is a leading authority in New York Harbor and beyond. In this episode, we talk specifically about the Wildflower Studio which is located at the water’s edge in the New York City area and is a state-of-the-art vertical production studio backed by Robert De Niro. We also discuss sustainable and resilient design and differentiate between the two. 

Dena has crafted a unique business and career based on her personal passions. Born and raised in Anchorage, AK, Dena spent many months a year off the grid and in touch with nature while growing up. It is evident that this connection with nature has carried through in her waterfront designs in New York City.

We also talk about the necessity of sustainability extending beyond the design phase. Dena and Indigo River also have a vested interest in offshore wind generation and training programs for implementation.  

With so much great information in this conversation, it’s split into a special two-part series. Tune in next week to hear the second segment of this conversation.

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