This week’s episode features a conversation with Emmy-nominated producer, Sidney Clifton.  She is the daughter of Maryland laureate, Lucille Clifton, and launched the Clifton House Project: a writer’s and artist’s workshop and retreat space centered at her childhood home in Baltimore, Maryland. We chat about some of her mother’s work and the vision for the house.

Photo copyright Mike Morgan, Baltimore Magazine.

Building Highlight: The Clifton House in Baltimore, MD.  


Bio: Sidney Clifton is a Emmy-nominated producer and has over twenty years of experience as an executive producer, director, casting director and production executive overseeing animated, mixed-media and live-action content. She has produced hundreds of hours of episodic and longform content.

She currently serves as Senior Vice President of Animation and Mixed Media at The Jim Henson Company, where she oversees a slate of twenty projects in production and development. As Senior Consultant with Black Women Animate, she provides business development and creative growth strategies to support the company’s expansion in the animation industry. In her role as mentor and recruiter, she has been a featured presenter and guest at high schools, colleges and universities across North America. She was honored to give commencement addresses at Idylwild Arts Academy and Ringling College of Art and Design.

Ms. Clifton’s passion for developing and supporting the underserved community of writers, artists, storytellers and creators was the catalyst for her launching The Clifton House (; a writer’s and artist’s workshop and retreat space centered at her childhood home in Baltimore Maryland—the home she shared with her five siblings and parents, educator/activist Fred J. Clifton and National Book Award winning poet and author Lucille Clifton.

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