On the heels of Bill Gates’ Arizona land purchase and goals to build a smart city, we tackle the subject to clarify what a “smart city” is. We discuss the benefits, the disadvantages and who from the group would want to live in one…We also explore other planning concepts as a comparison to a smart city.
We introduce a new segment – Dimitrius’ Top 5: Find out his top 5 movies with a smart city setting.

Project Spotlights:
Concepts: Le Corbusier’s 1925 City of Tomorrow /Garden City Movement /Urban Sprawl
Singapore commitment to become a “smart nation”
Arcosanti: An urban laboratory | Mayer, AZ
Hudson Yards | Manhattan, New York

Show Music:
Intro – Funky Suspense from www.bensound.com and Hope for Change by Nihilore
Outro – Man Alone Chimes the Hour by Nihilore

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