We all have a roof, but maybe we don’t think too much about it. If you are in a position to install a new roof, you’ve got options. 

Episode Recap

 What should people consider when they are getting ready to choose a new roof? 

 Do the roofs all have to be asphalt? Are there any other options?

 Why is metal roofing here so expensive but metal roofing is all over the place in rural areas north of us? 

 Shingles that reflect heat are available and will help with cooling an attic

Is it difficult to create a green roof?

Learning from the mistakes of others:

Roofing over existing shingles

Not replacing skylights at the same time. 

Using a contractor who doesn’t understand how the roof interacts with the rest of your home components.

About this week’s guest: Walter Russell is an owner at Home Sweet Home Builders in Woburn, MA. They are full services general contractors but also specialize in roofing. Reach them at or @HSHBLLC on Facebook and Instagram

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