Amy Heavilin joins me this week to discuss her experience with her 1902 Queen Anne Victorian that she and her husband Doug have been bringing back to life. I first became aware of her project on instagram, where she can be seen @amyleigh_1902 victorian. Her blog is full of fascinating materials and beautiful photos.

About our guest:

Amy Heavilin is a high school music director from Indiana. She inspires others in the old house community to share their homes through #52weeksofhome on instagram. In her words, “My husband Doug and I are on a crazy, fun and creative journey. Though he is a leading character in this story, he’s letting me tell it, because I’m the exuberant one. He’s the quiet strength.

We love old houses, and historic preservation, and making things beautiful – especially things that someone gave up on. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at this whole renovation and design thing. Doug is WONDERFUL at making things work, making things safe, and making my ideas come to life. We hope it lasts the test of time – but then again, we’ve said “What were they THINKING?” so many times about the things we have discovered in our houses, so I am pretty sure we’ll do some awful things that someone will hate in 20 years, as well. (I’m mostly OK with that). We want to make our house grand again – I want to fill the house with dinner parties and people and love.

I’m not afraid to tackle any project, but sometimes I need to ask for help opening a jar. I’m strong willed, but not strong muscled.

He’s practical, strong, and patient. He researches the millions of ways something can go wrong so he can fix them before they happen.

Doug and I started by falling in love with old houses, and not wanting to pay for things we thought we could do ourselves – I mean, if we failed, we could always call someone. I am the imagination, the drive, and the vision. He is the practicality, the sense, and the knowledge. It’s a great team.”

Check out the episode enhancement for photos or visit her blog or instagram account.


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