Jodi Swartz and I are in a meditation group together, a group made up of people who work in the construction industry. We were talking about compassion and how we really need to practice that right now in this moment of attempting to carry on as “normal” during a pandemic. There have been delays and price increases throughout and everyone seems to want to do their project and do it right now. It has been a challenge! Jodi and I have an open conversation about that in this podcast episode which hopefully will have a limited shelf life.

This episode was inspired by Jodi’s blog post entitled “We Need to Talk: The Hard Truth”. I’ve copied the full text into my episode enhancement, you can also read it here

about our guest:

Jodi Schwartz is the founder and principal designer at Kitchen Visions in Sudbury MA. Jodi marries her design talents with a desire to create more liveable, inspirational homes for her clients. Every project is unique because each family has its own particular nuances and needs. Whether you are looking for a more functional design, an open floor plan, a chef’s dream, a family gathering spot, or all of the above, she will hear you and ‘deliver the goods.’ Jodi became a Certified Kitchen & Bathroom Designer/Remodeler as well as a Universal Design specialist and space planner after remodeling 11 of her own homes. She followed her creative dream and went on to work at two large design-build showrooms. At the urging of happy clients, she founded KitchenVisions in 2011. While Jodi loves creating beautiful interior spaces, her proudest accomplishments are her two daughters, Dana and Nicole, and her son-in-law, Dan, who live further away than she would prefer…


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