Episode Recap

  • How layers of light work and why they’re helpful
  • Ambient vs. task vs. accent lighting
  • Why our eyes like varied rather than uniform light
  • How we respond to various levels of illumination
  • How different kinds of fixtures shed different shapes of light
  • Recessed vs. flush vs. semi flush vs. sconce vs. lamp
  • Color temperature and how it affects the ambience of a space
  • Color rendering index (CRI) and why it’s way more important than most people know

About this episode’s guest

Kathryn Goldenoak is an interior designer, founder of Spring Green Interior Design in Arlington MA: ”Good design should speak to the heart of the occupant. Functionality is not enough; in order to delight the spirit, a space must also resonate with its daily inhabitants on a personal level. My passion is creating homes that celebrate and reflect the unique interests and tastes of each client.” She can be reached at http://www.springgreendesign.com.

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