How can an architect also become a developer?

That’s where we’ll start our conversation on Thursday’s Context & Clarity LIVE.

Jeff Echols and Katharine White MacPhail will welcome James Petty, architect and author of “Architect & Developer: A Guide to Self-Initiating Projects,” to Context & Clarity LIVE.

Join the conversation Thursday as we talk to James about what he’s learned from his journey to be architect and developer and his recommendations for other architects that want to take the same journey.

Share your experience, and advice, and bring your questions to the conversation today at 4:00 pm ET on Facebook in the EntreArchitect Community Facebook Group, on Jeff’s LinkedIn profile, the EntreArchitect YouTube channel, or the EntreArchitect Twitch stream.

We’ll also preview the conversation in our 30-Minute Coffee Talk inside the Context & Clarity Club on the Clubhouse App Thursday morning at 9am ET.

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