This is one of the contractor shows, where I’m joined by Nathan Dishington, owner of JensenHus in Natick, MA.  We talked about HGTV and whether I should worry about the effect that it has on clients, different perspective on home renovations around the country, why home renovations cost so much and how to find a contractor who is right for you. 

The audio quality on this episode is a little bird filled, I am on Martha’s Vineyard and while I haven’t heard any trash trucks or sirens, there are a lot of birds and I can’t wait to record until they stop singing.  

about our guest, Nathan Dishington:

“After 8 years whacking my way through the bushes of professional baseball in the minor leagues, I began my career in the building trades, taking the same approach to contracting as I did as a professional athlete, I gave it my all and like many in this field, started with little experience and climbed the proverbial ladder. I have spent the last 19 years in the trenches as a carpenter, cabinet maker, general contractor, property investor, house flipper and multi family developer/owner. During that time, I learned my trade with hands on experience, by completing all the facets of residential building and remodeling. I have rehabbed abandoned apartment buildings and brought them back online, flipped over a dozen sf houses, designed, consulted and remodeled over a hundred residential addition, remodeling and building projects for my clients, including homeowners, contractors and institutions. I also spent many years operating a cabinet shop, where I built cabinets from scratch, including drawers, doors and finishing. The wide array of skills and experiences, that I have accumulated in the trades, gives me a unique perspective as a seasoned contractor and real estate investor.

As the owner of Jensen Hus, a design build firm in Natick Massachusetts I still live and die with every single project. I thrive in the weeds and and am a detail freak. I hate sitting behind a desk, but accept that it’s a necessary evil of my role. 

If you want to see what I do, check out my youtube channel where I document my unfiltered life as a small business owner, design builder and investor.”


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