On this special episode, we reflect on season two of She Builds Podcast. This season we went international. All of the ladies of our second season were from all over the globe. And man did we have so much fun sharing their stories. What were some of your favorite episodes? Which lady caught your attention? Did you hear similarities between the ladies from seasons one and two? Take a listen to today’s episode to know our thoughts. We hope that through the podcast you have learned about the amazing ladies that we discussed. We continue to be inspired to learn more and we hope you are too. We are going on a short break while we develop season three and we’ll be back in March. This is a great time to tell your friends about this second season, re-listen to your favorite episodes and start conversations about everyone you’ve heard about.

See below list of phrases mentioned throughout the season.

Ep 11 – Margot: Dominican Republic 

Hola- Hello

Caribeña- Caribbean woman

Hombre, que vaina- (Colloquial) Man, that’s crap

Gracias- Thank you

Adios- Goodbye

Que la pasen bien! – Have fun!

Hasta luego, nos escuchamos- Until later, we’ll hear each other.

Ep 12 – Lilly: Germany

Hallo or Guten tag – Hello

Interessant – interesting

Skandal – scandal

o vaya – Oh my!

Ich glaub mein Schwein pfeift – I think my pig whistles – (phrase of amazement or surprise)

Tschuss – bye

Ep 13 – Han: Netherlands

Hallo – Hello

Goedendag – Good Day

Waarom – Why

Nu komt de aap uit de mouw – Now the monkey comes out of the sleeve (The cat’s out of the bag)

Nu breekt mijn komp – Now my clog breaks (phrase of amazement or surprise)

Bedankt – Thanks

Dank u wel – Thank you very much

Tot ziens – Bye

Ep 14 – Turhan: Turkey

Merhaba- Hello

Evet – Yes

Hayir – No

Valide- Mother

Teshekular- Thank you

Ep 15 – Eileen: Ireland (phonetic pronunciation)

Dia Dhuit (JEEYA WEET) – hello

Ta failte romhat (TA FALTCHYA RAU-WUT) – welcome

Ceart go leoir
 (KAIRt Go Lore) – okay or alright

 (simUUUUUL) – Interesting

 (Skah-na-LOKH) – Scandalous

Ta – yes

 (MAA-num) – My soul or wow

Go raibh maith agaibh – group
 (GO RAUW MA AHGUV) – Thanks

Slan libh go foil
 (SLAHN LIV GO FOIL) – Bye for now

Ep 16 – Concepcion: Mexico

Hola – Hello

Que Tal – What’s up? How are things?

Viva Mexico – Long live Mexico

Grito – Scream (common Mexican interjection)

Orale chica – Slang, in this case it means ‘Hey girl’

Felicidades – Congratulations

Chamba – Work

Dios nos guarde! Virgencita ampáranos – God save us, Virgin Mary protect us

La pura neta – Slang for ‘The truth’

Chido – Cool

Gracias – Thank you

Adios – Goodbye

Ep 17- Sri Lanka (phonetically)

Hallo- Hello

Ayi- Why

Bohohmah Istutti- Thank you very much

Nanri- Thank you

gihin ennam- goodbye

Piriyāviṭai- goodbye

Ep 18 – Zaha: Iraq (phonetically)

Merhaba and Assalamu-alaikum – Welcome and God be with you

Shako mako – What’s up?

Yahla – let’s go

Aywah – yes

Shoo!? Leish? – What? Really?

Taah hathak – Congratulations

Homa el khas ra neen – their loss

Shukran – thank you

Taba Naharuk – blessed day

Ep 19 – Nobuko: Japan (phonetically)

Konichiwa – Hello

Yokoso – Welcome

Ikoyo – Let’s do this

Cho Kawaii – Super cute

Sugoi – expression of amazement, wow

Omoshiroi – Interesting

Umai –   “wonderful,” “nice,” or “splendid.”

Suzushii – It’s cool

Makegumi – Loser (we used this as ‘hater’)

Yabai – Literally translates to Dangerous, but is a slang term used in many contexts (In our episode, it is used both as a reaction to juicy gossip and ‘awesome’)

Hai – Yes

Otsukare – Good job

Arigato – Thank you

Domo Arigato – Thank you very much

Sayonara – Goodbye


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