How to Grow, Scale and Exit Your Architecture Firm

In this episode, Greg Alexander, Founder of Collective 54, and Mark R. LePage, industry expert and seasoned entrepreneur, join forces to guide you through the journey of growing, scaling, and exiting your architecture firm.

Greg, a pioneer in the field, founded Collective 54, the first mastermind community dedicated to empowering professional services firms. With a track record of starting, scaling, and selling a consulting firm for nine figures, Greg brings a wealth of experience to the table. Greg and Mark dive into the insights from Greg’s best-selling book, “The Boutique: How to Start, Scale, and Sell a Professional Service Firm,” offering a blueprint for success in the architecture industry.

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, How to Grow, Scale and Exit Your Architecture Firm with Greg Alexander.

Connect with Greg online at Collective 54, and find him on LinkedIn.

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