Talent Plus Technology Results in a Better Built Environment

Steve Dell’Orto is the founder and CEO of ConCntric, a preconstruction platform that is transforming the fractured preconstruction environment by unifying data, people and processes. ConCntric acts as a single source of truth for all preconstruction stakeholders by providing a dynamic view of the project that ensures a certainty of outcome.

As a 26-year construction industry veteran who has lived and breathed the world of delivering preconstruction projects, Steve is uniquely positioned to bring digital transformation to the industry. Steve is the former Executive Officer of one of the largest privately-owned, domestic general contractors in the U.S. with revenues averaging $5-6 billion annually.

Steve and his team are on a mission to make the built world more affordable, predictable and sustainable, and are uniquely positioned to transform the future for the construction and real estate industry.

This week on EntreArchitect podcast, Talent Plus Technology Results in a Better Built Environment with Steve Dell’Orto.

Learn more about Steve at ConCntric, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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