Pushing Beyond the Boundaries of Architecture at Nomi Design

Melody Farris Jackson, LEED AP, is a visual artist and designer that works between many scales and types of spatial design. Since joining Nomi, she has specialized in the development of branded environments using both architectural and fabricated elements to create unique and custom experiences in architecture. From furniture and installations to campus planning, Melody brings creative solutions to 3 share the narrative and poetic expression of space. As a designer, she has worked on creative concepts for Nike, Siemens, Toyota, and Keurig. She has served as faculty for architecture at the University of Kentucky and for art at Eastern Kentucky University. Melody received her Master of Architecture from Cornell University. As an artist, Melody has had work displayed in galleries in New York, and Kentucky and is currently on display at the Clark Regional Medical Center in Winchester, Kentucky.

Matthew Brooks, AIA, is the owner and founder of Nomi Design. His comprehensive body of work spans a wide variety of project types and sizes. Informed by his experience working with Herbert Beckhard (a former partner of the Bauhaus master, Marcel Breuer), Matthew subscribes to the philosophy that the strength of any architectural project lies in its unique set of components: Variations in the type, scale, scope, history and budget of a project influence innovation and design elements, thereby generating a uniquely specific response to each design challenge. Matthew believes that architecture is a holistic practice that should be environmentally, socially and financially sustainable. He challenges himself and the firm to consider each project in terms of ‘the bigger picture’, and to assimilate that understanding into relevant architecture that is an extension of the client’s vision paired with the architect’s talent. 

This week on EntreArchitect Podcast, Pushing Beyond the Boundaries of Architecture at Nomi Design with Melody Farris Jackson and Matthew Brooks.

Learn more about Melody and Matthew at Nomi Design, or follow them on InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn.

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