How To Terminate a Project with a Difficult Architecture Client

Rebecca is a licensed architect and attorney with deep experience in both fields. Her areas of expertise include in small business risk management, insurance, technology, and contracts. She is a Partner in Policyholder Pros, LLP, representing insurance policyholders in negotiating homeowner claims and litigation against their insurance companies.

Rebecca is well versed in the AIA and ConsensusDOCS contract forms, and understands the insurance and claims implications of construction contracts. She provides consulting contract review services for architects, owners, and developers nationwide. Rebecca spent six years as the Director of Building Information Modeling for a large A/E firm before entering the legal profession, and has applied her unique experience as a Change Agent with implementation assisting construction clients with administrative changes due to technology and innovative, collaborative, contracts and processes. Rebecca is well-known in the construction industry for her presentations on the legal implications of technology and change.

As a NH legislator, Rebecca serves on the House Science, Technology and Energy committee. In 2019 she drafted and passed legislation to update the state building and energy code from following the 2009 to the 2015 International Building Code.

Rebecca and her husband live with their three children on their family farm in Concord, NH.

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, How To Terminate a Project with a Difficult Architecture Client with Rebecca McWilliams. 

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