From Artist to Architect

Music and literature. Philosophy and physics. History and math. As a student, Lee Skolnick equally prized and devoured these subjects. This passion for knowledge across disciplines led him to architecture, where they all converge.

This interdisciplinary view informs Lee's approach to every project. He creates narratives that unfold as people move through his designs, all senses engaged. His work can educate and entertain. Convey meaning and emotion. Provoke thought and imagination.

Lee achieves this through a keen understanding of how humans make sense of the world and themselves, which is to say, storytelling. He generates a fully integrated architectural experience to transcend a space's purpose.

Since the 1980s, he has been awarded Architectural Digest's AD100, the Presidential Citation for Outstanding Achievement from The Cooper Union , the Lifetime Achievement Award from AIA Long Island, Honorary Visiting Fellow at the University of Leicester in Great Britain, and his work has won numerous local, state and national AIA Honor Awards.

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, From Artist to Architect with Lee Skolnick.

Learn more about Lee at, or connect with him on InstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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