Breathing New Life into Underserved Communities

Richard Loring, Director of Design + Construction for Domos Rossmore LLC, is an award-winning developer with a longstanding history of working with many of the most forward-thinking architecture firms. After receiving his masters in the History of English Architecture at Cambridge University, Loring founded Archetype, general contracting company, where he built many noteworthy contemporary buildings for 26 years. Loring then served as Managing Director for Habitat Group Los Angeles, developing contemporary multifamily projects throughout the city.

Daniel Alexander, Co-founder and Principal for Domos Rossmore LLC, is a native Angeleno. Daniel received his degree in business and managerial economics from UCLA. Previously, he served as the founder and managing director of Real Estate Asset Partners, where he led the acquisition, design/development, management, and profitable disposition of more than 6,000 units of commercial and residential real estate assets. Daniel's experience in commercial real estate development of attainable housing spans multiple markets, including California, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia. 

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, Breathing New Life into Underserved Communities.

Learn more about Richard and Daniel at, or connect with them on InstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn: Richard and Daniel.

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