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547524_10200169198445326_219057889_nHave you ever put all your heart and soul into a architecture project?

Have you ever worked from inception at Schematic Design, developed all the details during Design Development, assembled the construction documents, bid it out and then handled it off to some unknown contractor to build?

How often do we do this? How often do our ideas get revised, simplified and value engineered , just to make it easier for the contractor to build?

Have you ever thought “I could do better? I wish I could control the project all the way through construction? I wish I could make certain that my ideas are fully executed and every detail is exactly the way I want it?”

Have you ever considered how beneficial it would be for you as the architect, to control quality, manage the expectations of your client and assure that they are “raving fans” when the project is complete . and then they tell all their friends how you, the architect, built their home instead of the contractor basking in all that glory?

This week’s guest on the Entrepreneur Architect Podcast did something about that. This past year, with a new modern home on his boards, he pitched the idea of constructing that project for his client. The client agreed and Dig Architecture was born.

Today on on the Entrepreneur Architect Podcast, I am speaking with my friend Nicholas Renard about his architecture firm, Cote Renard Architecture, how he is marketing his Florida based firm and why he launched Dig Architecture, his new construction management company.



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