9968807_sA little past 6AM, tunes from the local radio station wake me from a very deep slumber. Typically, I will set the alarm to 6:14, so I hear music rather than the daily bad news report. I am very serious about my full media blackout .

I certainly don't spend enough time sleeping and for the past few weeks I've been rising at 4:34AM. My oldest son James decided that he wanted to join a morning swim training camp and he needs to be on deck by 5:50AM. So this is my summer schedule and sleep is still something I am still trying to figure out.

I'm up late every night working on the website, recording an episode for this podcast or catching up on paperwork from the studio.

I work very hard to keep balance in my life. I'm a scout dad as well as a swim dad. I eat dinner with my family every evening (unless I have a conflicting client meeting). As an Entrepreneur Architect, that's not an easy schedule, but it's worth every sacrifice that it requires.

After many years of suffering the recent economic storm, the firm has full boards again and clients with high expectations. With our new virtual studio business model, I am wearing many hats these days and currently hold the positions of CEO, COO, CFO, President, Director of Architectural Services, Architect, Project Manager, Draftsman, Office Manager, Book Keeper, Receptionist and Custodian and that's just at work.

If you are an Entrepreneur Architect, I'm sure this sounds familiar.

This week on the Entrepreneur Architect Academy I will share my 4 simple steps for getting things done.

Please share your tips and techniques for how to get things done in the comments below. Let’s talk!

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Referenced in this Episode

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey (book)

Productivity Matrix PDF from USGS


IFTTT (If This Then That) <— This is the app that I use to link my iPhone Reminders app to Evernote

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