Pat Flynn graduated from UC Berkeley Architecture, loved the profession and was working his way through the ranks to become an architect.

He was living his dream until the day he was Let Go.

In this episode of the Entrepreneur Architect Podcast, Pat Flynn tells the story about how he made the decision to leave the architecture profession and follow his passion for internet business.

Today he earns more than $60,000 per month through his many online properties, including his very popular blog (Yes… you read that correctly. That’s $720,000 per year.) Pat shares his thoughts on how architects can apply the lessons he has learned through building his online businesses and tells a story of how small choices can lead to big things.

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Check out some of Pat’s online projects:

Let Go (Pat’s Book) (Pat is publically documenting the development of his newest online business)

Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat’s Podcasting Tutorial on YouTube (the videos that helped me launch The Entrepreneur Architect Podcast)

Say thanks to Pat on Twitter @PatFlynn


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