EntreArchitect Studio is a series of special bonus episodes where Mark invites inspiring, passionate people to share their knowledge and information about the building products and services to help you build better buildings.

This week at the EntreArchitect Studio we are featuring:

Scan2Plan – V. Owen Bush

V Owen Bush is a creator and entrepreneur who uses immersion and participation to create transformative social experiences. His works are presented in venues such as live events, music festivals, digital planetaria, IMAX3D, broadcast television, mobile devices, VR and the web. Owen is a pioneer in interactive, experiential and immersive design with early projects including: Pseudo.com, MTV’s Amp, QUIET!/We Live In Public, SonicVision at the Hayden Planetarium, and the Molecularium Project at Rensselaer.

As a freelance motion designer, Owen has developed broadcast television promos for NBC, MTV, VH1, PBS, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Discovery, History Channel, NY1, and others.

Owen is the director & CEO of Glowing Pictures, a visual experience company that collaborates with cultural institutions, performing artists and brands to create Immersive Wonder. Glowing Pictures’ collaborations include: Google, Twitter, Wired Magazine, American Museum of Natural History, Canon Camera, Paramount Pictures, Dubspot, Eyebeam, Pitchfork, Flavorpill, MTV Networks, The New Museum, Beatport and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum.

In 2015, Owen co-founded DaydreamVR, later SpaceoutVR, Inc. a mobile Virtual Reality software company. Spaceout.VR is a free to play Social VR MMO for iOS & Android. In 2018 SpaceoutVR was acquired by ValueSetters.

In 2018 Owen co-founded Hudson Virtual Tours and then Scan2Plan, Inc. in 2020. We began with a simple goal of helping architects & engineers focus on design. We’re the company that does what it says on the tin, an on-demand LiDAR to BIM/CAD team that can model any building in weeks. This can be done within any scope, budget or schedule.

This week at EntreArchitect Studio Podcast, Scan2Plan with V. Owen Bush.

Learn more at Scan2Plan, and find Owen on LinkedIn.

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