EntreArchitect Studio is a series of special bonus episodes where Mark invites inspiring, passionate people to share their knowledge and information about the building products and services to help you build better buildings.

This week at the EntreArchitect Studio we are featuring:

Epic Smart Homes and Gary Sinise Foundation – Scott Ruzich

Scott Ruzich presents a company that is aggressively at the forefront of modern technology. Epic Smart Homes exists to connect the dots between how you live and what we can do remove tedium and add joy. Founded in 2005, with many successful residential and commercial installations across California, Texas, Nevada, and Hawaii, we understand that your time is the most precious commodity. 

Partnering with Epic Smart Homes will expand your network control system, home theater, window and lighting offerings to clients taking guess work out of planning and budgeting for technology integration. As added value, we distinctly differentiate you from your competitors. We want to forge long-term relationships and be your go-to resource for technology education and needs.

This week at EntreArchitect Studio Podcast, Epic Smart Homes and Gary Sinise Foundation with Scott Ruzich.

Learn more at Epic Smart Homes and the Gary Sinise Foundation, and find Scott on LinkedIn.

If you offer building products or serve the AEC industry and want to join Mark at the EntreArchitect Studio, send us an email at [email protected].

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EA476: Scott Ruzich – Smart Homes

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