Tomas Osinski, artist, architect, and industrial designer joins us to discuss the Invisible House in Joshua Tree, a 5500 square foot, 4 bed and 4 bath privately owned home that is available for rent for filming, photography, intimate events, and larger outdoor experiences.

The home is designed as one long, continuous, narrow space with a 100-foot-long interior pool as its centerpiece. Intended to appear as it has lightly landed in this moonscape, minimally disturbing the site, the structure is built on a series of reinforced concrete pillars and appears to float. The name Invisible House comes from the mirrored tempered glass that wraps the entire façade and reflects the surrounding environment, almost disappearing amongst the desert rocks and shrubs.

We discuss several aspects of the design in this episode – the inspiration, process, design considerations for the high desert environment, and hidden elements like structural, mechanical, and utilities for the home, and much more!

Tomas Osinski | Website

Invisible House | Instagram

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