I started following Kemp Harper on Instagram a while ago, his account @thecolonial_on_park. We talked about his experience with his 1930s/40s Brick colonial in Brazil, Indiana. He is a true artist who has infused his interior and exterior spaces with charm.

about our guest:

Nestled in the middle of an Indiana small town stands a stately 1930 brick colonial home. This maturely-grown 3 city lot property is home to Kemp Harper and partner Kevin Boling. For eight years, the couple has worked to preserve and restore this Indiana relic. The home boasts country amenities with a chicken coop (home to 8 hens) and a beehive. Kemp documents this and more through his Instagram titled: “The Colonial on Park”. Their home will also be featured on season 2 of Magnolia Networks “Diary of an Old Home.”

Instagram- @thecolonial_on_park

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