Adaptive reuse, a rising architectural and development approach, refers to the repurposing of an existing structure for new use. As land becomes more scarce and costly, and construction contributes to pollution and waste, it is important to consider new approaches to building. Eli Hoisington, Senior Principal and Design Principal at HOK, and Tim Gaidis, Principal and Senior Project Designer at HOK, join us in this important conversation to share their expertise and insight into some of their adaptive reuse work. We discuss the risks and rewards of the project type, the design process, structural and code considerations, adaptations required due to climate change, and more!

Project Spotlights:

4340 Duncan – Cortex Innovation Community

Tyson Foods Emma Avenue Office

Show Music:

Intro – “Keep Calm and Chill” by Soundroll

Outro – “Bounced Back,” by Blue Topaz

Album artwork:

Photo by Darius Krause from Pexels

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