In this episode, Cherise is joined by Angela Brooks and Lawrence Scarpa, both Principal Architects at Brooks + Scarpa. Angie Brooks is co-principal and a leader in the field of environmental and social-equity design. Larry Scarpa, co-principal, has garnered international acclaim for the creative use of conventional materials in unique and unexpected ways.

Angie and Larry share insights into their work on the 2022 AIA Gold Medal winning project, The SIX, an affordable housing project in Los Angeles California. The 52-unit building provides a home, support services and rehabilitation for previously homeless and/or disabled veterans.

You can see the project here as you listen along.

Offering shelter and comfort, The SIX breaks the prescriptive mold of the traditional shelter by creating public and private “zones” in which private space is deemphasized, in favor of large public areas. Surrounded by four levels of housing units with balconies wrapped with a wood screen made from recycled planking, a courtyard located on the second level has large openings with green roofs that visually connect the space to the street on the lower level beyond. This allows the tenants to enjoy a secured open space while still connecting to the larger community.

This project had unique challenges and opportunities:

  • challenging jurisdictional processes,
  • stringent code and policy requirements,
  • valuable client and resident input that better informed a thoughtful design,
  • and much more!

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