In this episode, Cherise is joined by two Partners from Bushman Dreyfus Architects in Charlottesville, Virginia, Tim Tessier, Principal, and Jeff Dreyfus, Founding Principal of the firm. Tim and Jeff share their expertise and experience working on The Center at Belvedere, a 47,200 square foot senior community center in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Center at Belvedere is a new model for how to rethink what a “senior center” is supposed be. Modern design, daylight-filled spaces and spaces for outdoor programming create a place where people of all generations want to gather, see and be seen. To see project photos and details discussed, visit

The design team worked at every level to ensure accommodation of the physical and cognitive challenges that come with aging, and one of the true successes of The Center is that it does so quietly – without calling attention to those accommodations, all the while creating a center that has appeal across all sectors and ages of the community.

This project provided unique challenges and opportunities – shift the paradigm of a senior center, budget constraints that led to unique strategies and creative solutions, design a multi-use space that acoustically accommodates a wide range of users, and much more.

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