This is it!…the culmination of season one of Build Smart, where Patrick has shared his story and the lessons he has learned over his 50-year career with HOK, from junior designer to CEO! Overcoming financial struggles, HOK has climbed each level of Patrick’s pyramid strategy – strong board of directors, great operations, and true collaboration – now reaching the peak, and the right to dream. In this episode, Patrick highlights some of the dreams that HOK pursued, including sustainability, product design, and the return of HOK’s sports architecture. Lastly, Patrick identifies his successor and steps aside for the next generation of HOK leaders to the helm.

Patrick shares his lessons for listeners to take away from this episode:

  • Firms can reinvent themselves with determined leadership,
  • Firms earn the right to dream TOGETHER,
  • Sustainable design is an example of a dream made real,
  • Step down from leadership when your successor is established.

To read along and see illustrations and personal photos that accompany this series, get Patrick’s book, Designing a World-Class Architecture Firm. You can buy the book at and find out more information at 

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