In this episode, Cherise is joined by Tom Breslin, Associate at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Tom brings over 20 years of experience to the design team at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. He has contributed to many significant university, institutional and cultural projects ranging from campus master plans to delicate insertions into historic structures. In addition to a life-long interest in the environment and sustainable design, he has a particular focus on the user experience of place and the nature of materials.

Tom shares his experience working on Malachowsky Hall, a 265,000 square foot, 7 story multi-disciplinary academic building that that will connect students and researchers from across disciplines and create a hub for advances in computing, communication and cyber-technologies. The signature design element of the building is the prefabricated exterior wall panel assembly, comprised of custom designed and shop structural and aluminum plate cladding panels and electrochromic glazing for solar and glare control.

Christine Sheppard Ph.D., Director of the Glass Collisions Program at the American Bird Conservancy, discusses the problem of bird strikes with buildings, and shares her insight into things we can do in the design process to mitigate this issue.

This project provided unique challenges and opportunities – creating a hub for cross disciplinary collaboration, a unique façade that created complex trapezoidal windows, and a mandate for bird-friendly glazing which led to fritted glass to mitigate bird strikes.

Check out more details at ARCAT.

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