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From aspirational plans on a napkin sketch to a full fledged studio, Emerging will illuminate your path to entrepreneurial success in architecture. Join Jeffrey, Lexi, and Chris as they share the unfiltered story and firsthand account of starting their own architecture firm. Topics include business structure, finance, branding, and more, offering insights and cautionary tales for aspiring firm founders.

In this episode, we welcome back Jeff, Lexi and Chris to revisit season one of “Emerging.” We play a game of expectation versus reality, discussing their expectations and the realities … Reflections: Season One Wrap-up Read More »
In this season finale of “Emerging,” the Level team revisit the highs and lows of starting an architecture firm. They reflect on their first year as a firm, evaluate their … From Foundations to Future: Charting Paths for Architecture Firm Growth Read More »
In this episode of “Emerging,” Jeff, Lexi, and Chris navigate the challenges of marketing a startup firm with a limited budget. They explore efficiency-driven marketing strategies crucial for success. From … Building Buzz: Architectural Marketing in the Modern Landscape Read More »
Join the Level team as explore ways to increase efficiency. Learn about the crucial role of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to implement various tools and processes, ensuring efficiency, quality, and … Designing Efficiency: Navigating Tools and SOPs in an Architecture Practice Read More »
In this episode of “Emerging,” Jeff, Lexi, and Chris take us on a journey into architecture firm revenue. Unveiling the challenges and compromises of starting a business while employed, the … Bottom Line: The Art of Winning Architecture Projects Read More »
Join the Level team as they navigate financial aspects of starting their architecture firm. From managing expenses to exploring essential financial structures, this episode explores the challenges, insights, and the … Financial Strategies for New Architecture Firms: Starting Lean and Smart Read More »
Starting an architecture firm comes with its share of legal and risk management considerations. In this episode of “Emerging,” host Jeffrey Lee, along with partners Lexi White and Chris Taurasi, … Risk Management for Architects: Navigating Challenges in Architectural Entrepreneurship Read More »
In this episode of “Emerging,” a Gābl Media podcast, Jeff, Lexi, and Chris discuss the essential topic of branding for their new architecture firm. Discover why having a strong brand … Architectural Branding: Name, Logo, and Identity Read More »
Starting an architecture firm involves crucial decisions, and in this episode of “Emerging,” host Jeffrey Lee and his partners, Lexi White and Chris Taurasi, tackle one of the most pivotal … Legal Foundation of an Architecture Firm: Selecting the Ideal Business Structure Read More »
Join host Jeffrey Lee, along with Lexi White and Chris Taurasi in this insightful episode of “Emerging.” Listen in as they explore their business model, from their academic origins to … Architectural Business Models: From Academia to Practice Read More »
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