Tiffany D. Brown – An Inclusive, Diverse Future (Context & Clarity LIVE)


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How can we ensure an inclusive and diverse future for the architecture profession?That's where we'll start our conversation today on Context & Clarity LIVE.Today (Thursday, July 14th) at 4:00 pm ET, Jeff Echols and Co-Host Katharine MacPhail will welcome Tiffany D. Brown, Executive Director of the National Organization of Minority Architects and the Founder of 400 Forward.Join the conversation today as we talk with Tiffany about NOMA, Project Pipeline, 400 Forward, and the future of the profession.Share your experience, and advice, and bring your questions to the conversation today at 4:00 pm ET on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.We’ll also preview the conversation in the Context & Clarity Club on the Clubhouse App this morning at 9:00 am ET.