So, you want to be an architect?


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Thinking about a career in architecture? Wondering about the math required, or how much you’ll earn? Are your drawing skills questionable? Joining me to answer these questions (+ more) is my friend Bob Borson, architect + creator of The Life of an Architect blog + podcast.Some timestamps to guide you: 00:00 What do I do with the rest of my life? 00:30 An architect’s salary discussion 01:03 Other ways to think about compensation 02:05 Compensation Calculator (by region, job, etc.) 03:37 Happiness vs. Compensation Chart 03:57 I’m terrible at math, is this the right career for me? 04:27 Math we use in daily practice 07:27 I can’t sketch or draw, is this a problem? 08:03 Why sketching is important (even if you’re not great at it) 10:10 Not everyone in this profession is a designer 10:50 Can I be an architect with no formal training? 12:00 Trade school vs. University 13:10 Linear vs. Lateral thinking 13:36 Designing houses + interiors without a license 14:29 Know this… 15:26 Solving problems vs. Telling Stories 16:40 What clients buy from architects 17:16 I’m (insert age) is it too late to become an architect? 18:25 The challenge of going to school later in life 19:38 What skills will prepare me for architecture school? 20:13 “This is gold” 21:59 Metaskills 24:29 What books do you recommend? 28:38 Peter Zumthor + beardsThe Life of an Architect blog was created in 2010, and for ten years Bob’s posts have been making the practice of architecture accessible + interesting to a worldwide, diverse audience. He exposes the reality of the design and construction process with style, a dry wit and without sparing the true grit and struggles that making architecture so often involves. He’s not afraid to reveal the mistakes and missteps made along the way, the messiness and imperfections tell the real story of our life as architects. If you’re looking for glossy photos, you’ll find very few here, this is the place to go if you like sketches, a little snark and cogent thinking.If you’re not familiar with his work, you’ll find ten years of posts, images, and inspiration thoughts on his blog.**Life of an Architect blog** **Life of an Architect podcast** **Bob’s Instagram** **30X40 on the Life of an Architect podcast** MY ONLINE COURSE: Enroll here: DRAWING TEMPLATES: * AutoCAD: * REVIT:'S TOOLKIT: Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit (* *NEW for 2020 ** ): I USE (free 30-day trial): MY GEAR: *