Sketching in Isolation – Work From Home Skill Building


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Feeling the pressure to make the most of your time in isolation to learn new skills + be productive? If you haven’t quite lived up to your own lofty expectations of what you should be accomplishing, you're not alone. Learn what's been working for me as I sketch an invented architectural folly.Time spent in my sketchbook is focused and without distraction. It’s space to think and be creative without the strict boundaries of budgets and schedules. It’s reminded me that not everything I design needs to be rooted in reality, that daydreaming and suspending the laws of physics have value too and can nourish my architecture practice in meaningful ways. Inventing imaginary architecture can help you assert control in a time where agency is in short supply. For me, it’s been an enriching, liberating win in this time of quarantine.I hope spending a few minutes with me in my (digital) sketchbook designing a Quarantine Chapel - whatever that is - will inspire you to get lost in your own sketchbook for an hour or two. And, if you build a few skills along the way, all the better!Be safe out there. Until next time…cheers…JOIN MY ONLINE COURSE: Enroll here: the 30X40 PROCREATE PACK: *'S TOOLKIT: Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit (* *NEW for 2020 ** ): I USE (free 30-day trial): #architecture #procreate