Sit in on this Creative Business Consult (Starting an Architecture Practice in 2021)


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Sit in on a creative business consultation as I work through Page's ideas for her new architecture practice and watch as we turn her aspirational concepts into reality. I walk her through the basic calculations every new business owner must know, we talk options and opportunities, clients, fees, and how to position her business in the middle of the value exchange.This is a typical conversation I have with design professionals of every skill level each Friday. These are students enrolled in my Architect + Entrepreneur Course and range from new graduates and young professionals just starting out, to established architects all seeking to design a business for the new economy and feed their creative intellect. Our conversation brought up many of the issues we face as design professionals in daily practice; topics they don't teach in school.If you're interested in learning more about the strategies + tactics we discussed and for the worksheets and access to the entire conversation with Page, please check out the Architect + Entrepreneur Course.JOIN The Architect + Entrepreneur Course: ** 00:00 Meet Page 00:46 (My Front Yard) 01:49 The initial plan 02:19 I'm an investor, pitch me. 02:49 Precedent 1: Mass Design Group 04:30 Why non-profits are tricky 05:55 Precedent 2: Epicenter 06:43 You're actually the investor, so... 07:36 Plan B 08:45 Alone vs. partners? Pros/cons 12:10 Plan C - safer, but not ideal 13:30 Who's serving your ideal client now? 13:47 Leveraging free 14:10 Running the numbers (take 1) 16:33 A Reality Check 17:06 Treat your business like a design problem 17:38 "Speaking from experience" 18:22 Other possible solutions 20:51 My "Day 1" Activity 22:33 Where do your potential clients see value? 24:22 Walmart + scale issues 25:09 How about a Plan Book? 26:00 Running the numbers (take 2) 26:30 Licensing your plans 27:50 B to B vs. B to C 28:48 Equity exchange? 30:31 How to own the room 31:26 Sharing my formulas 34:09 Does that excite you? 35:26 Thinking holistically 37:03 Capturing margin during construction 39:22 Remodel projects? 42:50 Your Day 0 vs. My Year 7 44:00 The value of a story 45:40 Clients base decisions on thisARCHITECT'S TOOLKIT: Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit (* *UPDATED for 2021 ** ): DRAWING TEMPLATES: * AutoCAD: * REVIT: I USE (free 30-day trial): MY GEAR: * #architectbusiness #architectcourse