Inspiration for YOUR Design Work – Favorite books in 2021


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I buy a lot of books...all kinds of books to bring fresh ideas to my work. Sharing a few of my current favorites lurking on my studio desk to keep you motivated and inspired too. For links and details see: 00:00 A package arrives 00:52 The Photography Storytelling Workshop 01:08 Bisociation (use this trick) 02:19 Vintage Manuals 02:57 Pretty Much Everything 03:57 Revealing what's in the package 05:03 Habitat 06:13 A Tale of Life & Craft 07:20 Houses - Sean Godsell 08:45 Hell Yeah or No (What's worth doing) 10:08 A "Now" page to catalogue ideas 10:29 I have a podcast now (& a new YT channel) 10:57 Links to the resources mentioned IN ONE OF MY ONLINE COURSES: Enroll here: SKETCHING PACK: * PROCREATE: DRAWING TEMPLATES: * AutoCAD: * REVIT:'S TOOLKIT: Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit (* *NEW for 2020 ** ): I USE (free 30-day trial): MY GEAR: * #architectureinspiration #whatsonmybookshelf