How to be in an office


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What's it like to work in architecture?That's where we'll start our conversation Thursday on Context & Clarity LIVE.On March 25th, SCI-Arc hosted a panel discussion titled “How to be in an office.” We think the topic deserves a better conversation, so Thursday, April 21st at 4:00pm ET, Jeff Echols and Katharine MacPhail will welcome Michael Riscica, Founder of Young Architect, Rachel Gresham, Associate at TMPartners, and Mike Celauro, Department Manager at Summit Design and Engineering Services, to Context & Clarity LIVE.Join the conversation as Michael, Rachel, and Mike talk about working in architecture.Share your experience, and advice, and bring your questions to the conversation Thursday at 4:00 pm ET on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.We’ll also preview the conversation in the Context & Clarity Club on the Clubhouse App Thursday morning at 9:00am ET.