ENCORE – James Petty, Architect & Developer (Context & Clarity LIVE)


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How can an architect also become a developer?That's where we'll start our conversation on Thursday’s Context & Clarity LIVE.We're wrapping up our 2-week, mid-summer Context & Clarity break, so we'll have a special encore replay of one of your favorite Context & Clarity LIVE's from our first 2 years.In this conversation, Jeff Echols and Katharine White MacPhail welcomed James Petty, architect and author of "Architect & Developer: A Guide to Self-Initiating Projects," to Context & Clarity LIVE.Join the conversation as we talk to James about what he’s learned from his journey to be an architect and a developer and his recommendations for other architects that want to take the same journey. . Share your experience and advice, and ask your questions, Thursday at 4:00 pm ET. Context & Clarity LIVE is live-streamed on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.