ENCORE – Christine Williamson of Building Science Fight Club (Context & Clarity LIVE)


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What's the first rule of the Building Science Fight Club?That's the question we'll start with Thursday on Context & Clarity LIVE.We've begun our 2-week, mid-summer Context & Clarity break, so this week we'll have an encore, replay of one of your favorite Context & Clarity LIVE's from our first 2 years.This week Jeff Echols and Katharine White MacPhail will welcome Building Scientist, educator, and Host of the Building Science Fight Club, Christine Williamson to Context & Clarity LIVE.Join the conversation as we explore building science... how it evolves, how it will be impacted by material costs, and how to keep up with it all.Share your experience and advice, and ask your questions, Thursday at 4:00 pm ET.Context & Clarity LIVE is live-streamed on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.