Architecture Model Making Tutorial (Using a Real Project)


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Follow along as I build a small architectural model for a residential project currently in design in my studio. You’ll learn how I plan it, see the process for constructing it and learn how I use it as an iterative design tool.Topics covered: • How to transfer the design to the site model (see part 1 for the site build) • Floor construction • Wall construction • Roof construction • Foundation + site integration • Adding details • Landscape elements • ModificationsMaterials: I use basswood for many of my models because it’s dimensionally stable, easy to cut, takes paint and has a thickness that’s appropriate for the scale I’m working with (3/32” = 1’-0”). To fasten the pieces I use a combination of hot glue and white glue. The hot glue is used more for connections which are concealed and don’t require a high degree of precision. I use white glue for components that may need to be repositioned after they’re set in place, ones that are tiny or fragile, and for parts of the model that are subject to close visual scrutiny. White glue takes longer to set but it has a more polished finished appearance.When you build a model you’re forced to confront reality in a way. You can’t ignore the topography, the foundation, or the structure. The elevations and the plans all line up in three dimensional space and then you'll begin the editing process. I find the act of building models immensely satisfying, not only because at the end of it I'm left with a tangible object, but also because it surfaces what’s most important in the design. The model will always show me the weak points of my work and that enables me to take the necessary next steps toward improving the design.TRY MY ONLINE COURSE: Enjoy my teaching style? DRAWING TEMPLATES: * AutoCAD: * REVIT:'S TOOLKIT: * Architect + Entrepreneur Startup Toolkit: ESSENTIAL TOOLS: * MAKING TOOLS + MATERIALS: * GEAR: * MY GEAR (UPDATED LIST): * #architect #architecturetutorial