Architect’s DIY Kitchen Makeover Part 1 – Sketching and Planning


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Living in a home you designed can be a humbling experience. In this DIY kitchen makeover I'm fixing all the mistakes I made when I designed my home in 2007. I'm revisiting the finishes, replacing fixtures + fittings, installing new cabinet fronts and hardware, organizing + decluttering, and even adding a few bespoke pieces we couldn't afford when we first built our home.In part 1, follow along as I sketch out my ideas and discuss what worked and what didn't in the original design.In part 2, we'll build + install everything and reveal the final results.Timestamps: 00:00 Existing Floor Plan and Concept 01:09 Countertops 03:06 Cabinetry and Hardware 03:34 Appliance upgrades 03:51 Our Biggest Mistake 04:58 Backsplash 05:36 Removable Toekick 06:11 Decluttering ideas 07:13 Repair and repaint 07:28 Organization systems 07:46 Plumbing updates 08:01 Lighting 08:22 One open shelf 08:40 Bespoke detail idea 11:31 AccessoriesJOIN MY ONLINE COURSE: Enroll here: DRAWING TEMPLATES:'S TOOLKIT: I USE (free 30-day trial): MY GEAR: * #architect #kitchenmakeover