The Power of Brand: Using a Podcast for Your Company

In today’s busy world, standing out is more important than ever. My recent trip to Brazil showed me this clearly. Walking through the crowded streets of São Paulo,  Rio de Janeiro, and the busy beaches of Copacabana, I saw that being memorable is a big challenge for any brand. Using a podcast as a branding tool can help your company be noticed. Here are three simple benefits of building your brand with a podcast, with real-life examples.

 1. Becoming a Thought Leader

Podcasts are great for showing your expertise and becoming a leader in your field. When your company shares useful insights, trends, and expert interviews, it becomes known as a leader. For example, Donald Kelly’s “The Sales Evangelist” podcast has made him an expert in sales training. By sharing helpful sales tips and talking with industry experts, Kelly has grown his brand and attracted business opportunities.

Actionable Tip: Create a schedule for your podcast that aligns with industry trends. Invite experts to your show and share episodes regularly. This will help you build credibility and a loyal audience over time.

 2. Building a Loyal Community

Podcasts help create a sense of community among listeners. The personal nature of audio content helps make a connection between the host and the audience. This connection can turn into a loyal following. Christian Giordano’s “The Anti Architect” podcast, for example, has built a dedicated listener base by challenging industry norms and sparking meaningful discussions. By sharing honest conversations and new ideas, Giordano has created a strong community.

Actionable Tip: Engage with your audience through social media and listener feedback. Encourage them to share their thoughts, ask questions, and join discussions. This will strengthen the bond between your brand and your listeners.

 3. Increasing Brand Visibility and Reach

Podcasts can help your brand reach more people. Unlike written content, people can listen to podcasts while doing other things like commuting, exercising, or doing chores. This flexibility means your content is more likely to be heard. The “I Am Northwest Arkansas” podcast, which I host, is a good example. By highlighting the unique aspects of Northwest Arkansas, the podcast has attracted a diverse audience, including local residents, businesses, and people interested in the area.

Actionable Tip: Make your podcast easy to find by using relevant keywords in titles and descriptions. Promote episodes on social media, your company’s website, and through email newsletters to reach a wider audience.

 Real-Life Example: ARCAT’s Detailed Podcast

One of our clients, ARCAT, uses their podcast, “Detailed Podcast,” to build their brand. The “Detailed Podcast” shares valuable information about building and design. By doing this, ARCAT has become known as a helpful resource in the industry. This podcast has helped ARCAT connect with its audience and grow its brand.

 The Brazil Connection

My time in Brazil showed me the importance of standing out. Just like businesses in São Paulo and Rio try to capture attention in a busy place, your brand must find its unique voice. A podcast can be that voice, cutting through the noise and making a lasting impression.

If I sound like a broken record, it’s true. I will keep driving home the point and value of podcasting for as long as I can type on a computer and record behind a microphone. Podcasting has changed my life, and I believe it can do the same for you and your brand.

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***This article was written for Gābl Media by Randy Wilburn***
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