Hidden in Plain Site

Lifting the voices and elevating the careers of Black Architects who are passionate, community-oriented, yet often overlooked.
Historically, the work of Black Architects has not been recognized at the same level and through the same lens as their peers. Although they attain the same education, perform on the same project teams, and complete similar project types, their credentials are questioned, and their work often goes unnoticed.
As little girls, hosts, Saundra Little and Karen Burton dreamed of being Architects. Join them on a very personal journey as they weave together stories from the careers and lives of Black Architects and highlight Hidden-In-Plain-Site projects for their award-winning Noir Design Parti project that was birthed in Detroit. Now the world can get to know the very significant contributions contemporary and trailblazing Architects have made to the profession, the community and major cities across the U.S.



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