What’s it really like to work in architecture? The hosts of Archispeak know, and they’re here to share real life experiences. Since 2012 Evan Troxel and Cormac Phalen have been podcasting their brand of real talk on everything from design, tools, and work/life balance to generational differences, mentoring, job hunting and more. Probing questions, revelatory interviews, and unique insights have grown their audience and become a bi-monthly ritual for students and seasoned professionals alike.



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#197 – Mis-reading it Wrong

We discuss expectations and boundaries around our always-on communication options, and how fragmented and difficult to manage this has all become due to the multitude

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#196 – Foot In Mouth Disease

What delightful information comes to light when a project team member — hypothetically — thinks they’ve hung up from a call, but they actually haven’t*?

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