June 9, 2020

Gābl Media, the Waxhaw-based company keenly focused on supporting the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking multimedia network aimed at empowering AEC thought leaders to share their knowledge with a worldwide audience through audio podcasts, video series, and written publications. 

Gābl Media is led by Mark R. LePage and Dimitrius J. Lynch, Jr., both of whom are architects and entrepreneurs that have launched their own successful businesses in the architecture industry. 

LePage started his own practice in 1999 and subsequently founded EntreArchitect, an online platform dedicated to building a community of small firm architects seeking success in business, leadership, and life, in 2012.  Since then, the company has exploded as a powerhouse for architects looking for ways to build their businesses through podcasts, training workshops, community forums, and other valuable tools and resources. 

In 2018, Lynch left the firm where he was working full-time to similarly start his own practice, launching LYNES, a full-service architecture firm, and Spaces Podcast, a multi-disciplinary show that aims to elevate our understanding and appreciation for the various spaces we occupy, in the same year.  By simultaneously venturing into these new enterprises, Lynch has had the unique opportunity to explore new facets of the practice of architecture on his terms.

Building upon the great success of its co-founders’ endeavors, Gābl Media has identified the need for unified thought leadership in the AEC community, and is the first network of its kind dedicated to the sector’s ever growing audience.  The company broadens its reach to meet the wide range of community demands for easily accessible content to inform and entertain.

“We are thrilled to deliver a platform that enables our audience to connect with global leaders who are excited to share their stories with such a vibrant community,” said LePage, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Gābl Media.  “Our team is dedicated to providing our audience with on-demand content that will educate and inspire, to help achieve our shared dream of building a better world.”

“Our followers will have unlimited access to a variety of podcasts, videos and print publications,” added Lynch, Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Gābl Media.  “All content is handled by our in-house production and editorial teams, and is sure to be uniquely pleasing to our audience.”

Gābl Media’s inaugural podcasts include the following:

  • EntreArchitect – Hosted by LePage, EntreArchitect features weekly interviews with inspiring, passionate professionals who share their knowledge and expertise to help entrepreneurial architects, designers, and creative professionals throughout the world build better businesses, and guide them on their individual journeys to success.  The podcast has gained a massive following with over two million downloads and 340 episodes, and has been described by its enthusiastic listeners as a “must listen to show for solo architects!”
  • Archispeak – A nationally recognized podcast that has been featured in a number of publications, Archispeak seeks to hold casual conversations with its listeners, to inform and enlighten on topics ranging from design, tools, motivation, and the mechanics behind the profession to work/life balance, generational differences, mentoring, job hunting, and much more.  Hosts Evan Troxel and Cormac Phalen break down traditional archispeak in more than 180 episodes, keeping it real by sharing their life experiences as consummate professionals who love what they do—and have been through it all. 
  • Spaces Podcast – In Spaces Podcast, hosts Lynch, Michelle Thrakulchavee, development professional, and Jason Weiner, finishing contractor, explore the evolution of the building industry, highlighting how the evolution of our spaces—and the “millennial effect”—have had and will continue to have significant societal, psychological, and environmental impacts on modern society.  With 70 episodes and a worldwide fan base, this witty team of millennials is sure to enlighten you with deep dives into historical references and new advancements in the industry.
  • Build Your Brand – Architectural professional and marketing specialist Jeff Echols explores the stories behind the best brands in the world in his podcast miniseries Build Your Brand.  Echols investigates the success of companies like Southwest Airlines, diving into their journeys to the top and repackaging lessons learned as effective strategies for small firm architects and creative professionals.  Echols takes the audience beyond company logos and websites—beyond general marketing principles—to pinpoint what it really takes to make a brand, and explore the significance of a brand to a company and its customers.
  • Practice Disrupted – Hosts Evelyn Lee, architect and design strategist, and Je’Nen Chastain, architecture business strategy consultant, explore the new frontier of architectural practice and set out to illuminate the future of the profession in Practice Disrupted, Gābl Media’s brand new, original podcast series.  By engaging listeners through curated conversations and interviews with industry leaders, Lee and Chastain aim to inspire architects at all stages in their careers to think outside the box and come up with innovative new solutions to address current challenges they may be facing in meaningful and exciting ways. 
  • TRXL – Troxel, co-host of Archispeak and a well-known industry design and technology expert, takes his listeners on a deep dive into how the evolution of technology is changing the architectural profession in TRXL, another new series from Gābl Media.  Troxel’s passion for technology shines through as he holds long-form conversations with industry leaders who get into the weeds and provide insight into where the industry is going from a technology standpoint.

Gābl Media is currently developing several new podcasts to expand its roster, with anticipated release dates in Fall 2020.  The company is also excited to announce the upcoming release of new video content and written publications in the near future.


Gābl Media is an innovative multimedia network that empowers global leaders in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries to share their stories with a vibrant community dedicated to building a better world.  Gābl Media harnesses the latest technologies to create and distribute audio and video content to millions of people, to inform and entertain its ever growing audience across the world.  For more information, visit https://gablmedia.com/.

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