October 7, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Oct. 7, 2020) – Gābl Media, the first of its kind Waxhaw-based multimedia network dedicated to the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries, today announced the addition of brand new video content to its existing platform of podcast shows.

Through a series of tutorials and video blogs, or vlogs, Gābl Media’s curated thought leaders will now share their knowledge, experiences, thoughts, and tips on practice in the industry in a fun and easily digestible format.  Visual learners who seek a more personal experience will immediately connect with these creators, who will engage them on a deeper and easy to understand level.

“We are delighted to expand the manner in which our thought leaders are able to share their unique stories and experiences,” said Dimitrius J. Lynch Jr., Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of Gābl Media.  “Gābl Media understands there is no one way to learn, and is proud to offer a diversification of media outlets to speak to its audience through various mediums.  We believe content in the form of videos will be a great addition to our growing network, in alignment with our company’s vision.” 

A brief description of the new video content can be found below:

30X40 Design Workshop – Architect, entrepreneur, and author Eric W. Reinholdt is the creator of 30X40 Design Workshop, the most popular architectural channel on YouTube.  After creating 30X40, a design-focused, residential architecture studio as an experiment and educational tool, Reinholdt has built off the studio’s success to focus his creative energies on other projects such as filmmaking and editing.  Through this channel, Reinholdt shares his experiences with architecture, as well as his idea-driven processes employed behind each of his projects.  With over 680,000 subscribers, Reinholdt’s videos cover topics ranging from design process, architecture short course, design software, and product reviews, to model building and studio tours.

Show It Better – Colombian architect Steven Rubio founded Show It Better, an educational platform focused on teaching architectural representation to architects and architecture students, in 2016.  Rubio believes there is more to the practice of architecture than drawing lines in AutoCAD, or tracing and erasing items over and over again—the architecture one creates has a soul and a feeling, and the drawings should reflect as such.  Show It Better expands on this belief, and includes videos and tutorials covering a broad range of topics that teach its subscribers how to represent their projects beyond the lines, beyond the text, and beyond the architecture itself.

These channels join Gābl Media’s current platform of podcasts including EntreArchitect, Archispeak, Spaces Podcast, Build Your Brand, Practice Disrupted, and TRXL.  The company is currently working with additional thought leaders to add to its video network and expand its library.


Gābl Media is an innovative multimedia network that empowers global leaders in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries to share their stories with a vibrant community dedicated to building a better world.  Gābl Media harnesses the latest technologies to create and distribute audio and video content to millions of people, to inform and entertain its ever growing audience across the world.  For more information, visit https://gablmedia.com/.


Dawn Porta

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