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The Black Butterfly w/ Dr. Lawrence T. Brown (audio updated)

This week’s episode explores the connection between housing and health with Dr. Lawrence T. Brown.  We cover his journey into Public Health research and dig into more of the topics covered in his book, Black Butterfly: The Harmful Politics of Race and Space in America including toxic lead exposure, fast violence vs. slow violence, and segronomics.

Building Highlight: Turner Station neighborhood in Baltimore County.


Bio: Dr. Lawrence T. Brown is an equity scientist, urban Afrofuturist, and the director of the Black Butterfly Academy, which is a virtual racial equity education and consulting firm. From 2013-2019, he served as an assistant and associate professor at Morgan State University in the School of Community Health and Policy.  In June 2018, he was honored by OSI Baltimore with the Bold Thinker award for sparking critical discourse regarding Baltimore’s racial segregation. 

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